It’s just like work. Although, that sounds funny when you consider yourself to be an amateur. It’s even more funny as a Dutch pun: it’s net (just like) work… (I’m so funny I could kill myself)

Anyways, Blood, Sweat & Kiers was well shot during the broadcast of the election results. Nice footage and good quality! (for tv that is)


Ps. if you want to cut  right back to the music… we kick in at 12:15, 54:15, 1:12:20 & 1:51:00! (about)

Tenor Battle…

What a fun week that was! Some nice gigs and (at least) one of them is recorded for posterity* These are the high-lights of the ’14 Tenor Battle at the Hooglandse Kerk Leiden. With Naomi Adriaansz, Rinus Groeneveld and Blood, Sweat & Kiers. (I’m guessing that you know their names…)



Thanks “Leidse Glibber” for capturing so many good memories!



noun: posterity
  1. 1.
    all future generations of people.
    “the musicians are recorded for posterity”

Flappin’ ears…

What a weekend! 3 of our anual top gigs in a row! Shure like to thank every single one of you who visited either the Bebop, the Wijnhaven in Delft or the All-American day at RedKees. (I even spotted a few of you at more than one occasion. We certainly appreciate that BIG time!)

I still am flapping my ears and stimulating my brains with gallons of coffee, just the way it has got the be “the day after”.

Here is one of the many vids Corine Zwaard has posted on youtube, thanks Corine very sweet of you! Blood, Sweat & Kiers is Rockin’ out on Slim Harpo’s slightly modified “Ti Ni Nee Ni Nu”. A song I became aware of after listening to 1 of the many Stevie Ray Vaughan bootlegs I owe…


Ps, if anyone of you did find my sunglasses please contact… didn’t want ‘m to be the collateral damage of this Rocin’ good weekend…

More than 60.000!

This vid is one of the first Marco (van der Peet, or also known as fender Peet…) and I recorded. Then, we would not have believed that this video would hit over 60.000 views!

If you ask me, we will record lots and lots of more vids. Cause of the fun of recording them but also al the reactions. Tons of compliments, some critical notes (who help to get better, or can be ignored…) and most of all, words from people with the same interests: guitars & amplifiers. And honnest, al the guitarplayers out there will recognize we LOVE to talk about our gear, don’t we!?


De Oude Veiling, nice!

Although this gig was last year. It’s still worth talking about! We had so much fun with Blood, Sweat & Kiers in De Oude Veiling. As wel as the night befor when we played in De Veste – Leiden, Maarten only brought his gazillion inch bassdrum, snare, ride & high-hat with him. Ol’ school style! Yee-haa. You can see other clips from this night on youtube. On them are also our special friends “the Eel Mere Ladysingers” who already had joined us on the ’11 album “mr. Sax Man”. History was repeting itself!

Hopefully history will repete itself when we’ll be playing De Oude Veiling x-mas time ’13!

Lemon Aid, delicious!

Yes! We did it again, still not shure if the room where we record these clips is good for my health… 🙂 But here it is! Tweed Today is slightly changing in We even recorded an intro… sweet! 🙂

On this vid you can see the “Rockett Pedals, Lemon Aid” and writing that down, this pedal has got as much switches as there are characters in its name, jee-hoo! I realy do love the sound of this pedal. And this was “the one” untill I bought the Bandmaster. That amp breakes up at a descent level and helps me to have a GOOD sound at smaller venues. Still, I won’t sell my “Rockett Pedals, Lemon Aid”…