The show does go on…

Doorgaan zonder te stoppen…

25.267 kilometer, 658 optredens, 183 plectrums, 121 setjes snaren, 9 gitaren, 11 versterkers, en meer indrukwekkend, ontelbare lachsalvo’s, fouten (heus), krampen in kaken en foute “artiesten maaltijden” verder, kunnen samengevat worden in 1 cijfer: 10.

De 10 voor 10 jaar Blood, Sweat & Kiers. Een schitterende tijd met heel veel anekdotes die ik nog vele malen ten gehoor zal brengen. Een dikke 10 voor een gouden tijd. Blood, Sweat & Kiers stopt, niets bijzonders, soms is het tijd om nieuwe wegen in te slaan. Jammer is het wel, maar we hebben de foto’s nog… 😉


The show does go on…

25 267 kilometers, 658 appearances, 183 plectrums, 121 sets of strings9 guitars, 11 amplifiers, and more impressive, countless laughter, errors (really), laughing until it hurts and fabulous “artists meals”, can be summed up in one figure: 10.

10 to 10 years of Blood, Sweat & Kiers. A great time with lots of anecdotes which I shall come up with many times. A big 10 for a very good time. Blood, Sweat & Kiers will stop, nothing special, sometimes it’s time to break new ground. It is a pity, but we still have the pictures …;)


It’s just like work. Although, that sounds funny when you consider yourself to be an amateur. It’s even more funny as a Dutch pun: it’s net (just like) work… (I’m so funny I could kill myself)

Anyways, Blood, Sweat & Kiers was well shot during the broadcast of the election results. Nice footage and good quality! (for tv that is)


Ps. if you want to cut  right back to the music… we kick in at 12:15, 54:15, 1:12:20 & 1:51:00! (about)

More than gold…

There you are… It won’t be just musicians who will ever have the idea by seeing an impressive stage , ” wow how cool will it be to stand here, before hundreds of people!” However, upon entering the main hall in the Goudse Schouwburg my thoughts where; “Wow how cool it is to play here in front of hundreds of people!” That same evening I played with Mr. Boogie Woogie in the “Fats!” show with lots of fun and good musicians, playing a nearly full house.

Oddly enough , after these moments, wich make me start thinking about my old ambitions. I remember ( how bizarre ) at the age of 5, I wanted a guitar SO badly, I made one ​​out of cigar boxes, unsanded wood and rubber bands. 4 year’s later (of nagging at my parents) there she was, my first real guitar! After a few hours of playing it got me, my next ambition popped-up, the bar went up, “how cool would it be to play with other musicians?!” 2 years later I got in touch with Cees Tas on Queensday, playing together in our “dorp”.  With this experience in my pocket the bar went up again, “how cool would it be if I could play in a band?!”…  Three decades has passed, so have a lot of goals and achievments. Nowadays, I play more than weekly with fantastic musicians live , have recorded a dozen of CD’s , played abroad and collected enough stories for evenings full of anecdotes, I feel like a gold medalist! And the prospects are wonderful!

And this brings me to my next level… you know what? I stop wishing , the bar will be set on fire, no more goals, from now on I ‘m going to enjoy everything I experience!

Big hug and kisses to the girls at home for giving me the energy and opportunity for doing this…


Tenor Battle…

What a fun week that was! Some nice gigs and (at least) one of them is recorded for posterity* These are the high-lights of the ’14 Tenor Battle at the Hooglandse Kerk Leiden. With Naomi Adriaansz, Rinus Groeneveld and Blood, Sweat & Kiers. (I’m guessing that you know their names…)



Thanks “Leidse Glibber” for capturing so many good memories!



noun: posterity
  1. 1.
    all future generations of people.
    “the musicians are recorded for posterity”

Jam along!

Jazz Session at Red Kees, January 9, estimated time of arrival 9:30 pm.

Time again to play with the Pretty Blue Brothers, sweet! This time you’ll be more then welcome to join. Don’t be to harsh on the “standards”, I’m still learning my mean and lean jazzchops… :)

To make the event a bit more exited (for ourselves and for you!)  we made a reference list wich is not written in stone, we sure would like to buckle down into your suggestions, and love to keep the possibilities open to throw in the unexpected. Yep, this is going to be “one of those” nights!

A Smo-o-o-oth One
Back Bay Shuffle
Gravy Waltz
Jimmy’s Blues
Killer Joe
On Green Dolphin Street
Pretty Blue
Secret Love
The Girl From Ipanema
The Preacher
4 Wheel Drive
Most of the songs you’ll recognize, if you wan’t any tubelinks or keys, please let know!

By the way, the Pretty Blue Brothers: Harm van Sleen (pedalsteel), Cees Tas (drums),  Ab Hansen (Bass) and your truly (guitar)

Hope to see you!

Ps. for bonus points: who is the man in the image? (hint: his music was the leap for me into “Redneck Jazz”)

Serious Request!

3FM Serious Request 2013 vraagt aandacht voor kinderen die jaarlijks onnodig sterven aan (de gevolgen van) diarree. Dit is een stille ramp die het gevolg is van gebrek aan schoon drinkwater, zeep en toiletten. Een serieuze aangelegenheid die wij als bluesliefhebbers niet aan ons voorbij kunnen laten gaan. Door heel Nederland wordt er op creatieve wijze actie gevoerd en steun betuigd aan het initiatief waarmee 3FM jaarlijks miljoenen weet binnen te halen voor het Rode Kruis.

Ook de Nederlandse bluesscene bestaat uit serieuze mannen en vrouwen die graag hun steentje willen bijdragen aan bovenstaand initiatief. Onder de naam Serious Blues willen enkele van deze bluesliefhebbers in samenwerking met de organisatie van Estrado Harderwijk een benefiet dag organiseren waarbij de volledige inkomsten van deze dag ten goede komen aan de Serious Request actie van 3FM, dus aan het Rode Kruis.

Dit evenement zal plaatsvinden in Estrado Harderwijk, waarbij 9 Nederlandse topbands acte de presénce gaan geven. Evenals 3FM zal Serious Blues ook een veiling via internet starten waarbij u op mooie bluesgerelateerde items kunt bieden, allemaal voor het goede doel.

Aan mij de eer om mee toe doen met Mr. Boogie Woogie ft. Boogie & Blues Night!

In jugs & jars…

So much fun this weekend! Playin’ guitar for a gazzilion hours and as “icing on the pie” BBQ & Beer at my brothers place, sweet! What more does this man need…

Here a pic from the “Jazz in the Gracht” festival. Compliments to the organization and al the volunteers! Everything was al in “jugs & jars” and everybody was very kind, thanks for that! (Thanks Ellen Post voor the picture, I hope you don’t mind I’m using it… )


Flappin’ ears…

What a weekend! 3 of our anual top gigs in a row! Shure like to thank every single one of you who visited either the Bebop, the Wijnhaven in Delft or the All-American day at RedKees. (I even spotted a few of you at more than one occasion. We certainly appreciate that BIG time!)

I still am flapping my ears and stimulating my brains with gallons of coffee, just the way it has got the be “the day after”.

Here is one of the many vids Corine Zwaard has posted on youtube, thanks Corine very sweet of you! Blood, Sweat & Kiers is Rockin’ out on Slim Harpo’s slightly modified “Ti Ni Nee Ni Nu”. A song I became aware of after listening to 1 of the many Stevie Ray Vaughan bootlegs I owe…


Ps, if anyone of you did find my sunglasses please contact… didn’t want ‘m to be the collateral damage of this Rocin’ good weekend…

the Pretty Blue Brothers…

3 men and 30 strings:

“Back in the ol’ days” you had guitar and steelguitar duos such as Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant, Santo & Johnny, Jimmie Rivers & Vance Terry, Danny Gatton and Buddy Emmons, Buddy Emmons & Lenny Breau, who are playing out in dramatic improvisations in a wide variety of musical styles, from Hawaiians to cartoons, from jazz to rockabilly, Western swing to classical.

Harm van Sleen (pedal steel & vocals) and myself (guitar & vocals) have the humble opinion that it’s about time to breathe new life in this almost extinct tradition. Ab Hansen (bass & vocals) is equally enthusiastic, and the Pretty Blue Brothers were born. Besides many songs that were taken from the repertoire earlier mentioned masters we also play modern pieces that are good for guitar-and-steel duets borrowed from bands like the Allman Brothers and John Mayer; Shure we play our steel guitar classics, but also some unexpected covers.

Whe are a strange the duke in the bite if you compare us with the ol’ masters, and that’s because all band members sing, and that is a refreshing break from all the strings-violence. The band performs as a trio but is specially enhanced for Bacchus with Cees Tas on drums and / or percussion.

July 5 will live to see this band for the first time at Bacchus in Aalsmeer, we hope to see you there!


Marathon session…

It all happend in the Box.

And so it was that I was asked again to help mr. Boogie Woogie on his newest album “the Big Easy”. And that is always an honor! Marcel Schuurman already did a nice job on the “live” recordings in the studio. They recorded 24 songs in a couple of hours without any overdubs besides vocals, what an achievement!

And than I’m the lucky one that mr. Fats Domino had 2 guitar players in the ol’ days. And that Marcel isn’t able two play 2 guitars at once… (the guitarlessons from Michael Angelo were all fully booked I guess… *LOL*) So here I am, slaming 2 and 4 on a 2 by 4.

Thanks Boogie for giving me the opportunity to record an other album with you! (my descendants will be proud…)

130209 studio big easy+


And so is it also!

Once a year Cultureel Cafe Bacchus organizes a weekend with acoustic music. Everybody can join and gets the opportunitiy to play 25 minute acoustic set. And because that is a challange, it;s around the corner, all our friends ar their (to either play or to join laughing and drinking) and (by far the most important) free drink coupes I join whenever possible.

This year in a last minute dicision, I persuaded Ab Hansen (bass), Cees “the Force” Tas (drums & kachon) and Marco “Fender” Peet to join me. A plan came together. During the day, while changing my acoustic strings, the phone rang. By answering it I heard a whel known “WHHHAAAA”, the Boogie Man! Within minutes it came clear that the man had no plans for the night, a split second later he had… Later that night he joined and we played a sweet, swinging, acoustic grooving set.

After this night I had two questions in my mind. Why don’t I pick up my Martin OM-1 a bit more? And when did I drink that “one to many” beer…

Akoestische avond in Bachus, 26 jan 2013 (23)

Please note, the only electric instrument on stage is a piano. While the “real-deal” was standing underneath the staircase. Well, it did work!

Not for one hole to catch…

I know that sounds weird, but I love to literal translate Dutch sayings… and this is one of them! Ok, this is what happend. And so we arived at a cool looking bar, and the place was getting crowdy, nice! Blood, Sweat & Kiers worthy we build up within 15 minutes, it’s a gift. And were ready for the sound check. That is to say, we were ready, not the soundtech of the venue…

After a couple of moments we couldn’t stand our curiosity no more and asked the tech what was happening (or what was not happening). The man, not to pleaced himself, answered that they had a new PA system, NICE! But, the guy who installed it was on vacation and the didn’t knew…

Well, that’s what we’re good at: sollutions to keep the crowed happy. We turned our own monitors 180 degrees right at the peoples and started the show! Did it sound good?! Probably the least. Did we have good fun?! Ow, yeah!

We hope to get back one day, to let hear how we can sound like…

Thanks The Haque for the patience and compliments after all!