I want one…

It’s been a while since I wrote a note… a lot of things happend since the last blog/post. (if you’re curious about what I’m doing or love landscaping just as much as I do than you can have a little peek at www.weids.nl ūüėČ

As a musician, and a guitarslinger to refine that, I wouldn’t surprise any other musician and guitarplayers in special, that there is always some amp, guitar or “tool” which you want. The wish list is never empty, the excuses to buy something what will make you “sound better” will never be over…

Since a few months I’m in the need of a Fender Deluxe reverb, and than a “pre CBS” one… because I believe that this amp will weigh less than my beloved Fender Bandmaster, will brake up lovely, will suit my Haar T-style guitar with Joe Barden pick-up’s lovely, and goes a little bit louder than my kick-ass “Red October” edition of my Fender pro-junior.

To bad, I didn’t find “the one” yet. I did see a couple “SilverFace” examples on Ebay, but they don’t pull my trigger. Who knows… I might find one before my wishlist has changed (and that pre CBS Fender Vibrolux has raised to my #1 wish… ūüėČ

Spoil yourself…

A man should treat himself once in a while, right? To weeks ago I bought 2 Telecaster wiring assemblies from Emerson!

What?! (you’ll probably ask yourself …)

I just shoot the explanation at you… (whether you like it or not ). Guitars are strange things , they consist of many parts which affect¬†sound, guitarists are even more strange characters,¬†the’re puzzling just as long until they¬†find¬†“the tone”¬†they have in their head (for me: a little ” Twang”¬†¬†like Kid¬†Ramos, a little compression¬†a-la Danny Gatton , a little “spark”¬†as Brad Paisley and a of¬†bit gain & grit¬†from… well, from¬†who actually … ) the ambition to find “that” sound¬†results in a lively business of making and spending money, big time!¬†(and I’m guilty too, in both occasions). By example; Google “Telecaster, guitar, bridge” and you’ll see that many, many¬†flavors appear! And then we are only talking about the bridge of a telacaster, no other parts, no other brands of guitars… WOW!

Anyway , the last few weeks I’ve been spending time, money,¬†some Blood, Sweat & … ¬†to find¬†the right electronics¬†myself (it becomes a deviation I know, haha ) to give¬†you an impression how bizarre¬†that is: in addition to the¬†pick-up’s (which I already had, and I do not want to change them: Joe Barden’s Danny Gatton t-Style pickups) there is often¬†a volume knob, tone knob,¬†element switch and some resistors in a guitar. And yes, all¬†available in many brands, values‚Äč‚Äč and¬†qualities. My quest learned that this is “my” set-up:

– 250K volume and tone potentiometers (1Meg or 1000K is¬†brilliant for tone swells,¬†but 4x the “range” of a 250k pot¬†and the last¬†25% is very bright, IMHO)

Р0,047 uF capacitor (this value is ideal for B.B. King licks and Hammond sounds)

– 1000 pF capacitor and 180k resistor as a “treble bleed” to keep the highs running when you¬†draw back¬†the volume

To achieve these values ‚Äč‚Äčand composition, I have¬†mounted & removed¬†everything a large number of times (in the kitchen cause of the light and the hight of the counter, hahaha) in different ways to each other. Now I manage soldering quite well, but soldering up-on soldering doesn’t make it more beautiful and my equipment must be need &¬†reliable! So I scoured the internet, in order to score myself¬†some quality parts and¬†then¬†I spotted something… a complete set,¬†pre-soldered in a beautiful way and a good price.

Yesterday the”3 – Way Tele Prewired Assembly w/an Emerson Paper in Oil Cap” arrived, really beautiful craftsmanship, I’m happy!

Now lets fire-up the soldering iron one more time to install these beauties!

140318 emerson T3


Serious Request!

3FM Serious Request 2013 vraagt aandacht voor kinderen die jaarlijks onnodig sterven aan (de gevolgen van) diarree. Dit is een stille ramp die het gevolg is van gebrek aan schoon drinkwater, zeep en toiletten. Een serieuze aangelegenheid die wij als bluesliefhebbers niet aan ons voorbij kunnen laten gaan. Door heel Nederland wordt er op creatieve wijze actie gevoerd en steun betuigd aan het initiatief waarmee 3FM jaarlijks miljoenen weet binnen te halen voor het Rode Kruis.

Ook de Nederlandse bluesscene bestaat uit serieuze mannen en vrouwen die graag hun steentje willen bijdragen aan bovenstaand initiatief. Onder de naam Serious Blues willen enkele van deze bluesliefhebbers in samenwerking met de organisatie van Estrado Harderwijk een benefiet dag organiseren waarbij de volledige inkomsten van deze dag ten goede komen aan de Serious Request actie van 3FM, dus aan het Rode Kruis.

Dit evenement zal plaatsvinden in Estrado Harderwijk, waarbij 9 Nederlandse topbands acte de presénce gaan geven. Evenals 3FM zal Serious Blues ook een veiling via internet starten waarbij u op mooie bluesgerelateerde items kunt bieden, allemaal voor het goede doel.

Aan mij de eer om mee toe doen met Mr. Boogie Woogie ft. Boogie & Blues Night!

New Guitar!


Im realy thrilled with my new guitar! A Danny Gatton’s #1 inspired Haar T-style. Loaded with Joe Bardens, a realy sweet “amber golden” colour (wich is very hard to capture in a picture), flamed maple “quarter sawn” neck, 1 piece alder body, altogether just over 6 Lbs (and al you guitar players out there know what that means! ;))

What a sweet tone! Yes people, (who don’t play the guitar) this is a complete diffrent animal than my beloved “cream” telecaster, my work-horse for the last 5 years. Althoug both a Haar T-Style guitar, that’s about the only comparison you can make…



Believe it or not, this is my second serious guitar I own! (part from an acoustic, which isn’t a real guitar isn’t it, a Surf Green Stratocaster wich stands cortious next to my bed, a gifted Levin wich is a sweet and awesome sounding instrument, 2 Egmond guitars wich I bought for 2,50 each… And I swear that that is it ow, and an acoustic “my verry first six string” in the attic)


you least expect it… having an appointment with the luthier of your current # 1 guitar Erik van der Haar,¬† 2 hours later you’re driving home with a car loaded with firewood…¬†One thing is for shure, I never did¬†stoke some high quality Birds-eye maple, Rosewood and other bits ‘n pieces.¬†Talking about¬†making a posh fire!

Kept me warm loading the stuf up, will keep me warm burning it through winter! Sweet!


the Pretty Blue Brothers…

3 men and 30 strings:

“Back in the ol’ days”¬†you had guitar and steelguitar duos such as Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant, Santo & Johnny, Jimmie Rivers & Vance Terry, Danny Gatton and Buddy Emmons, Buddy Emmons & Lenny Breau, who are playing out in dramatic improvisations in a wide variety of musical styles, from Hawaiians to cartoons, from jazz to rockabilly, Western swing to classical.

Harm van Sleen (pedal steel & vocals)¬†and myself¬†(guitar & vocals) have the humble opinion that it’s about time to breathe new life in this almost extinct tradition. Ab Hansen (bass & vocals) is equally enthusiastic, and the Pretty Blue Brothers were born. Besides many¬†songs that were taken from the repertoire earlier mentioned masters we also play modern pieces that are good for guitar-and-steel duets borrowed from bands like the Allman Brothers and John Mayer;¬†Shure we play our¬†steel guitar classics, but also some¬†unexpected covers.

Whe are¬†a strange the duke in the bite¬†if you compare us with the ol’ masters,¬†and that’s because all band members sing, and that is a refreshing break from all the strings-violence. The band performs as a trio but is specially enhanced for Bacchus with Cees¬†Tas on drums and / or percussion.

July 5 will live to see this band for the first time at Bacchus in Aalsmeer, we hope to see you there!


Marathon session…

It all happend in the Box.

And so it was that I was asked again to help mr. Boogie Woogie on his newest album “the Big Easy”. And that is always an honor! Marcel Schuurman already did a nice job on the “live” recordings in the studio. They recorded 24 songs in a couple of hours without any overdubs besides vocals, what an achievement!

And than I’m the lucky one that mr. Fats Domino had 2 guitar players in the ol’ days. And that Marcel isn’t able two play 2 guitars at once… (the guitarlessons from¬†Michael Angelo were all fully booked I guess… *LOL*) So here I am, slaming 2¬†and 4 on a 2 by 4.

Thanks Boogie for giving me the opportunity to record an other album with you! (my descendants will be proud…)

130209 studio big easy+

Where am I?

Allright! A lot of times people ask me to keep them informed whenever I play in their neighbourhood… And I must say, it is hard for me to keep that in mind, so I can give you guys a message if venues appear. But, as time goes by sollutions come along!

If you wan’t to be informed about my gigs, and you don’t mind to get a personal message once in a while, please feel free to become friends on Facebook! Just click facebook on the bottom of my homepage and send a request. Easy as that!

Ps. by the time I’ll hit 1000 friends, no presents will follow… just sayin’ hahaha