Im realy thrilled with my new guitar! A Danny Gatton’s #1 inspired Haar T-style. Loaded with Joe Bardens, a realy sweet “amber golden” colour (wich is very hard to capture in a picture), flamed maple “quarter sawn” neck, 1 piece alder body, altogether just over 6 Lbs (and al you guitar players out there know what that means! ;))

What a sweet tone! Yes people, (who don’t play the guitar) this is a complete diffrent animal than my beloved “cream” telecaster, my work-horse for the last 5 years. Althoug both a Haar T-Style guitar, that’s about the only comparison you can make…



Believe it or not, this is my second serious guitar I own! (part from an acoustic, which isn’t a real guitar isn’t it, a Surf Green Stratocaster wich stands cortious next to my bed, a gifted Levin wich is a sweet and awesome sounding instrument, 2 Egmond guitars wich I bought for 2,50 each… And I swear that that is it ow, and an acoustic “my verry first six string” in the attic)