There you are… It won’t be just musicians who will ever have the idea by seeing an impressive stage , ” wow how cool will it be to stand here, before hundreds of people!” However, upon entering the main hall in the Goudse Schouwburg my thoughts where; “Wow how cool it is to play here in front of hundreds of people!” That same evening I played with Mr. Boogie Woogie in the “Fats!” show with lots of fun and good musicians, playing a nearly full house.

Oddly enough , after these moments, wich make me start thinking about my old ambitions. I remember ( how bizarre ) at the age of 5, I wanted a guitar SO badly, I made one ​​out of cigar boxes, unsanded wood and rubber bands. 4 year’s later (of nagging at my parents) there she was, my first real guitar! After a few hours of playing it got me, my next ambition popped-up, the bar went up, “how cool would it be to play with other musicians?!” 2 years later I got in touch with Cees Tas on Queensday, playing together in our “dorp”.  With this experience in my pocket the bar went up again, “how cool would it be if I could play in a band?!”…  Three decades has passed, so have a lot of goals and achievments. Nowadays, I play more than weekly with fantastic musicians live , have recorded a dozen of CD’s , played abroad and collected enough stories for evenings full of anecdotes, I feel like a gold medalist! And the prospects are wonderful!

And this brings me to my next level… you know what? I stop wishing , the bar will be set on fire, no more goals, from now on I ‘m going to enjoy everything I experience!

Big hug and kisses to the girls at home for giving me the energy and opportunity for doing this…