And so is it also!

Once a year Cultureel Cafe Bacchus organizes a weekend with acoustic music. Everybody can join and gets the opportunitiy to play 25 minute acoustic set. And because that is a challange, it;s around the corner, all our friends ar their (to either play or to join laughing and drinking) and (by far the most important) free drink coupes I join whenever possible.

This year in a last minute dicision, I persuaded Ab Hansen (bass), Cees “the Force” Tas (drums & kachon) and Marco “Fender” Peet to join me. A plan came together. During the day, while changing my acoustic strings, the phone rang. By answering it I heard a whel known “WHHHAAAA”, the Boogie Man! Within minutes it came clear that the man had no plans for the night, a split second later he had… Later that night he joined and we played a sweet, swinging, acoustic grooving set.

After this night I had two questions in my mind. Why don’t I pick up my Martin OM-1 a bit more? And when did I drink that “one to many” beer…

Akoestische avond in Bachus, 26 jan 2013 (23)

Please note, the only electric instrument on stage is a piano. While the “real-deal” was standing underneath the staircase. Well, it did work!