the Pretty Blue Brothers…

3 men and 30 strings:

“Back in the ol’ days” you had guitar and steelguitar duos such as Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant, Santo & Johnny, Jimmie Rivers & Vance Terry, Danny Gatton and Buddy Emmons, Buddy Emmons & Lenny Breau, who are playing out in dramatic improvisations in a wide variety of musical styles, from Hawaiians to cartoons, from jazz to rockabilly, Western swing to classical.

Harm van Sleen (pedal steel & vocals) and myself (guitar & vocals) have the humble opinion that it’s about time to breathe new life in this almost extinct tradition. Ab Hansen (bass & vocals) is equally enthusiastic, and the Pretty Blue Brothers were born. Besides many songs that were taken from the repertoire earlier mentioned masters we also play modern pieces that are good for guitar-and-steel duets borrowed from bands like the Allman Brothers and John Mayer; Shure we play our steel guitar classics, but also some unexpected covers.

Whe are a strange the duke in the bite if you compare us with the ol’ masters, and that’s because all band members sing, and that is a refreshing break from all the strings-violence. The band performs as a trio but is specially enhanced for Bacchus with Cees Tas on drums and / or percussion.

July 5 will live to see this band for the first time at Bacchus in Aalsmeer, we hope to see you there!


Marathon session…

It all happend in the Box.

And so it was that I was asked again to help mr. Boogie Woogie on his newest album “the Big Easy”. And that is always an honor! Marcel Schuurman already did a nice job on the “live” recordings in the studio. They recorded 24 songs in a couple of hours without any overdubs besides vocals, what an achievement!

And than I’m the lucky one that mr. Fats Domino had 2 guitar players in the ol’ days. And that Marcel isn’t able two play 2 guitars at once… (the guitarlessons from Michael Angelo were all fully booked I guess… *LOL*) So here I am, slaming 2 and 4 on a 2 by 4.

Thanks Boogie for giving me the opportunity to record an other album with you! (my descendants will be proud…)

130209 studio big easy+


And so is it also!

Once a year Cultureel Cafe Bacchus organizes a weekend with acoustic music. Everybody can join and gets the opportunitiy to play 25 minute acoustic set. And because that is a challange, it;s around the corner, all our friends ar their (to either play or to join laughing and drinking) and (by far the most important) free drink coupes I join whenever possible.

This year in a last minute dicision, I persuaded Ab Hansen (bass), Cees “the Force” Tas (drums & kachon) and Marco “Fender” Peet to join me. A plan came together. During the day, while changing my acoustic strings, the phone rang. By answering it I heard a whel known “WHHHAAAA”, the Boogie Man! Within minutes it came clear that the man had no plans for the night, a split second later he had… Later that night he joined and we played a sweet, swinging, acoustic grooving set.

After this night I had two questions in my mind. Why don’t I pick up my Martin OM-1 a bit more? And when did I drink that “one to many” beer…

Akoestische avond in Bachus, 26 jan 2013 (23)

Please note, the only electric instrument on stage is a piano. While the “real-deal” was standing underneath the staircase. Well, it did work!

Not for one hole to catch…

I know that sounds weird, but I love to literal translate Dutch sayings… and this is one of them! Ok, this is what happend. And so we arived at a cool looking bar, and the place was getting crowdy, nice! Blood, Sweat & Kiers worthy we build up within 15 minutes, it’s a gift. And were ready for the sound check. That is to say, we were ready, not the soundtech of the venue…

After a couple of moments we couldn’t stand our curiosity no more and asked the tech what was happening (or what was not happening). The man, not to pleaced himself, answered that they had a new PA system, NICE! But, the guy who installed it was on vacation and the didn’t knew…

Well, that’s what we’re good at: sollutions to keep the crowed happy. We turned our own monitors 180 degrees right at the peoples and started the show! Did it sound good?! Probably the least. Did we have good fun?! Ow, yeah!

We hope to get back one day, to let hear how we can sound like…

Thanks The Haque for the patience and compliments after all!


Where am I?

Allright! A lot of times people ask me to keep them informed whenever I play in their neighbourhood… And I must say, it is hard for me to keep that in mind, so I can give you guys a message if venues appear. But, as time goes by sollutions come along!

If you wan’t to be informed about my gigs, and you don’t mind to get a personal message once in a while, please feel free to become friends on Facebook! Just click facebook on the bottom of my homepage and send a request. Easy as that!

Ps. by the time I’ll hit 1000 friends, no presents will follow… just sayin’ hahaha


‘ol days (part 2.)

Surfing on the web, I spotted this picture… Me with my beloved Fender classic 50’s Stratocaster, (and probably a MesaBoogie caliber 50… ssssst, don’t tell anyone), the “infamous” band jackets touring with the BluesMasters. I think it was in ’01?


Behind the bar…

For everything a first time…

It happend previously that Wouter and I ended up “behind” the bar during (or after…) a gig. But playing with the 2 of us? And NO bar tenders behind the bar? Never! Up untill now, 15 january ’13 ‘t Kantoor – Haarlem. Having a blast playing 3 short sets and even drafting a beer for a thirsty customer while we were playing!

I think I don’t have to repeat we had a good time! Hope we’ll be back soon at ‘t Kantoor!


(photo: Frans Brouwer)

More than 60.000!

This vid is one of the first Marco (van der Peet, or also known as fender Peet…) and I recorded. Then, we would not have believed that this video would hit over 60.000 views!

If you ask me, we will record lots and lots of more vids. Cause of the fun of recording them but also al the reactions. Tons of compliments, some critical notes (who help to get better, or can be ignored…) and most of all, words from people with the same interests: guitars & amplifiers. And honnest, al the guitarplayers out there will recognize we LOVE to talk about our gear, don’t we!?


De Oude Veiling, nice!

Although this gig was last year. It’s still worth talking about! We had so much fun with Blood, Sweat & Kiers in De Oude Veiling. As wel as the night befor when we played in De Veste – Leiden, Maarten only brought his gazillion inch bassdrum, snare, ride & high-hat with him. Ol’ school style! Yee-haa. You can see other clips from this night on youtube. On them are also our special friends “the Eel Mere Ladysingers” who already had joined us on the ’11 album “mr. Sax Man”. History was repeting itself!

Hopefully history will repete itself when we’ll be playing De Oude Veiling x-mas time ’13!

Mashed potatoes

En zowaar mocht Blood, Sweat & Kiers de muzikale honeurs waarnemen bij de uitreiking van de gouden pollepel ’12. Dit jaar ging deze eer aan Restaurant Hofstede Meerzicht. Onder enkele van jullie vast bekend daar hier nog wel eens een trouwerij plaatsvind.

Tussen de bedrijven door (gedurende de uiteiking door de heer Herrie den Blijker zelf) mochten wijzelf een fantastiche stuk koevlees op een bedje van aardappel “iets”. Unaniem een dikke + namens de fijnproefers van BS&K!

Voor de koffie mochten we zelf aan de slag, ben ik blij dat ik thuis ook zo’n piston machine heb. Dan kan ik zo’n apparaat met 3 van die pistonhouders ook wel de BAAS! 🙂

Hofstede Meerzicht, dank je wel!

Lemon Aid, delicious!

Yes! We did it again, still not shure if the room where we record these clips is good for my health… 🙂 But here it is! Tweed Today is slightly changing in We even recorded an intro… sweet! 🙂

On this vid you can see the “Rockett Pedals, Lemon Aid” and writing that down, this pedal has got as much switches as there are characters in its name, jee-hoo! I realy do love the sound of this pedal. And this was “the one” untill I bought the Bandmaster. That amp breakes up at a descent level and helps me to have a GOOD sound at smaller venues. Still, I won’t sell my “Rockett Pedals, Lemon Aid”…